Hi, I'm Kimberley

Mum to 4 kids & 5 miniature sausage dogs. I am also chief designer and gift giver here at The Hidden Shed.

Keeping cosy in rural Bedfordshire, I'm a real home-bird (often being compared to an 80 year old lady but that's fine by me!)

I love nothing more than spending time pottering around the garden (pretending I know what I'm doing in my vegetable patch) or curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a good book. One day I'll be president of the local Women's Institute - life goals right there.

An Autumn baby, I love absolutely everything about that time of year. The smell, the gorgeous colours & those frosty, crunchy mornings. You won't find me happier in any other season...Except maybe at Christmas (I'm a gift giver after all!)

Nothing makes me happier though, than seeing the pure joy on people's faces when receiving the perfect gift that is made just for them. 


Where it all began...

Starting a family young, I spent many years as a stay-at-home Mum before trying my hand at a whole bunch of jobs (and every course you can imagine!) but none of them left me feeling fulfilled.

The Hidden Shed began in 2019 from my shed in our back garden (hence the name).

Looking for a print to give to a friend following the birth of her baby I just couldn't find what I was looking for, so decided to design something myself.

I realised I not only loved the creative process, but the feeling of giving something that I had made myself was incredible. You know, that feeling when you've found the perfect gift?

So I started designing my own prints for gifts. Displaying my work around the house,  friends would ask me to design something for them too.

I had found my passion creating beautiful gifts and put everything I had into The Hidden Shed.

I decided I was really passionate about creating beautiful gifts and put everything I had into improving and expanding the product range I could offer.

The Hidden Shed journey began and has gone from strength to strength!