Stay Safe!

Stay Safe!

Small businesses all over the country are having to make huge changes to accommodate the new 'normal' that we are all experiencing at the moment. It's a worrying time & they must make sure that they are doing their best to keep everyone safe.

I was recently asked to provide some signage for one of my favourite local shops, Number 14 in Ampthill. Jo wanted to be able to remind customers to be mindful of the social distancing required, but not in the harsh way some of the signs available seem to be. 

I was given the brief and worked on a series of small signs for the shop interior, some 'Keep Your Distance' floor stickers in a very subtle grey, and the writing for the A-Board outside. 




If you are looking for some signage for your own small (or large!) business. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to work with you.

Stay Safe!

Kimberley xx

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