How many Dalmation Dot wall stickers do I need?

How many Dalmation Dot wall stickers do I need?

Without a doubt, the most common question I get asked is 'How Many Dot's do I need...?'
It's a tricky question to answer as it really does depend how close you want the dots together and how big your wall is that you are covering but I can try and offer a little bit of direction...
The dots come in a variety of sizes ranging between 1 - 2 inches each. On average, 62 dots will cover an area of 2m² if you want them fairly spaced apart like the photo below...

If you would like them closer together then for each M² you would need approximately 48 dots. This would give you a similar result to this...



and lastly.... here's a photo of them with a ruler just to help :)


As always - any questions, please just ask!

Love Kimberley xx

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