Personalised Worry Bear / Owl / Lion | Design 2


A Worry Teddy Bear/Owl/Lion for Children who just need something to give them some extra comfort - whether it be at bedtime, to help them though the school day, or just when they're feeling a little anxious or worried.

Something so simple can be so effective. 

You are able to change the entire wording on the front of the toy and also on the letter if you wish. If doing so, please be very clear when writing in the personalisation box where you want the wording to go. 

If you are happy with the standard wording (see below) then just enter the name required in the personalisation box. 

As standard each toy will read:

When you are

worried or anxious,

I will always be 

your friend

As standard, each letter will read:


I am here especially

for you,

to share and tell your

worries to. 


I will listen to what

you say, 

and then I'll take your worries away. 



Writing is in a beautiful flock design and comes in a choice of 11 colours.
These plush toys are so soft, they really will be adored by everyone.

Also comes with a printed A5 card in an envelope addressed to the child. 

Colours may vary slightly to the photos shown.

These toys are hand wash only.

Sizes range from: 26cm- 34cm

This toy is recommended for children 3 years and over only.
This toy contains small parts, and contains vinyl which may, over time, come away from the product. This means that the toy is not suitable for children under 3 as it may be a choking hazard.
Small children should only play with the toy under strict adult supervision.
It is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or carer of a child to gauge the suitability of the toy before giving it to a child.