NAME WITH HEART Vinyl Sticker Decal


Name with Heart Vinyl Sticker - Your choice of name or names with a heart embellishment on one or both sides.

Available in a variety of different colours - choose your option at checkout.

★ Please note:

The decals come with two hearts, one either side of the name (and for two names one heart in the middle).

- IF you only want one heart at the end of your name (as shown in the 'hello' image) please leave a note with your order to ask for this.

Choose if you want the hearts 'filled in' or just the 'outline' at checkout.

The Hidden Shed's high quality vinyl decals will Stick to most smooth surfaces, for example packed Lunch Boxes, drinks containers, iPads/Laptops, Cars, Windows, Storage boxes, Cupboards, Walls, Mirrors, Floors and pretty much any smooth surface except fabric, which I do not recommend for long term projects.. The decals can be easily removed. Once Removed they are not re-usable. - All Vinyl Decals are a Waterproof High Quality Vinyl suitable for outdoor use with a life span up to 5 years

★ PLEASE NOTE - Photos are for illustrative purposes only, do not use these for a size guide ★

The size is measured in WIDTH and not height. Width varies depending on the length of the word so the word reads correctly and doesn't appear squashed. If you have any questions about this - just message me I will be more than happy to help