DINOSAUR Wall Art Vinyl Stickers



Give a room a makeover without the mess (or the stress!) of decorating. The Hidden Shed's modern and decorative dinosaur wall stickers are perfect for walls - windows - doors - mirrors - drawers... the possibilities really are endless.

One set contains 4 sheets of the 5 Dinosaur stickers and 6 pairs of footprints.

Stegosaurus: 58 x 122mm
Triceratops: 55 x 155mm
T-Rex: 106 x 158mm
Pterodactyl: 102 x 139mm
Diplodocus: 109 x 111mm
Footprints: 31x33mm

★ PLEASE NOTE - Photos are for illustrative purposes only, do not use these for a size guide ★

Available in a variety of different colours - choose your option at checkout.

All of The Hidden Shed's stickers are professionally cut to order from premium grade vinyl. Wall Stickers will stick to any clean, smooth, non-porous surface - Suitable for internal and external use.

Other sizes and designs are also available. If you are looking for something you don't see here, please get in touch - I am happy to make you anything you are looking for, we can discuss all of your requirements.


Simply, they are peel and stick. You can place lightly and then press firmly into place. When you place them lightly you may be able to remove and re-position but not when stuck firmly. They remove easily also - we use a craft knife to do this but please be careful if you do. Otherwise just use your fingernail.

It is recommended that you do not apply stickers to newly plastered and painted walls. We advise waiting for a few weeks to allow both the plaster to dry and then the paint to dry fully as not doing so may result in paint loss when removing stickers from the wall surface.


Wall stickers can be a hazard for anyone, please do not put them in your mouth. Regularly check their application for any peeling especially those within reach of children, if you are in doubt do not place them where they are within reach.