Each set is as shown in the photo, four sheets approximately 21 x 30cm (A4 size). Coverage depends on how close together you place the stickers.

Choose from our range of 27 colours.

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How do they work?

Just Peel & Stick. It's that simple. They are suitable for clean and smooth surfaces. These can be painted surfaces such as walls, or glass and furniture items, as long as they are smooth.

What are they made from and where can I use them?

All of The Hidden Shed's stickers are professionally cut to order from premium grade vinyl. Our wall Stickers will stick to any clean, smooth, non-porous surface - Suitable for internal and external use.

It is recommended that you do not apply stickers to newly plastered and painted walls. We advise waiting for a few weeks to allow both the plaster and paint to dry fully as not doing so may result in paint loss when removing stickers from the wall surface.

Are they removable?

The Hidden Shed uses vinyl specifically made for removable wall art. All of our stickers are easily removable, if they have been on the wall for a while they may be more difficult, so we recommend using some heat (from a hairdryer for example) to gently warm up the vinyl before removing.

The Hidden Shed accepts no responsibility for damage to paintwork upon removal of the stickers as many variables can affect this.

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Wall stickers can be a hazard for anyone, please do not put them in your mouth.

Regularly check their application for any peeling especially those within reach of children.